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This site is my personal 'cookery book' slowly replacing years of scrappy notes, recipes cut out from newspapers, odd html/txt files in strange directories on multiple machines etc. It doesn't try to be comprehensive or general but just contains recipes for the homely (and not always very healthy) food I like to cook and eat, so enjoy.

Amazingly the site is now 12 years old and contains over 600 recipes. Some of the recipes I added at the beginning of the site do not look great. Both the presentation of the dish and the photography leave quite a lot to be desired. However I have left most, but not all these, recipes on the site because the recipes themselves still appeal to me and sometimes I recook them. So don't ignore a recipe that looks a bit rough, it might be a great dish

In the last few years I have become increasingly enthusiastic about cooking outdoors. Having started off with a humble barbecue, my small garden now includes a much better barbecue, a wood burning oven, a great French spit roast and a gas fuelled plancha. As part of this I finally stopped using charcoal and now only cook using seasoned wood. You can easily buy wood suitable for cooking by the cubic metre but it is no longer cheap due to the growth of wood burning stoves.

It's my intention to expand the outdoor cooking part of the site with some more general information about this type of cooking in addition to recipes. You can see the beginning of this in the plancha section of the site.

Any comments, advice etc. gratefully received via the Contact page.